Three back issues for £18


Three back issues for £18

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This is all we have left in stock packed in a new bundle at a special price!

No Serial Number magazine is all about eco friendly crafts, design, and business, environmental arts and activism.

Our magazines include articles, interviews, tutorials, plenty of information on arts and crafts techniques, contact details, opportunities to participate in environmental and social projects around the world, a calendar of workshops, eco-friendly zero waste shopping (and making) ideas, reading suggestions, exclusive discounts on eco-friendly products and competitions.

We cover a wide range of crafts, spanning across a number of traditional and innovative materials, e.g. a wide range of textile fibres, wood, metal, stone, slate, ceramic, natural pigments, gathered/natural materials, innovative biomaterials, wood, plastic and much more.


Contents of Issue 14 (2018):
Felting for good in Wales
Maths, crafts and environmental politics;
Weaving a road to fairer global economy;
Weaving for everyone: a liberating experience of self reflection;
Artist made watercolours;
Fish leather on a narrow boat;
Fish leather tutorial
Fairies and colours;
The chrysalis effect;
A local upcycling business and the economy of waste textiles;
Thoughts about upcycling with BBC personality Jay Blades;
Cleaning up our streets: chewing gum collects chewed gum;
BIOHM: biomimicry disrupting the linear economy;
When one’s favourite fabrics turns into beautiful quilts;
Pieces that are alien to the beach;
Fibre and clay in the wild;
Choose to refuse: letting plastic free July inspire you, all year round;
Plastic free tea;
Freedom from plastic with fabric bags;
Petitions and campaigns;
Issues for ethical businesses;
Projects for the planet;
The eco crafters and entrepreneurs’ award (5th edition);
Step by step tutorials and more!

Contents of the Spring Issue 16 (2019):
– The Call of Creative Pathways – An article about natural dyes and advice for creative businesses
– One Artist, Many Techniques – Combining natural dyeing with digital printing
– A Book of Recipes, Many Vegetable Colours, Wool and Fabrics – The discovery of recipe books and samples from the 17th century.
– Tea Bag Painting and Stitching – The peculiar and fascinating art of painting on “free art paper” a.k.a. tea bags!
– TUTORIAL – Learn how to sketch and use layers of paint on used tea bags!
– Nettles for Textiles: Rediscovering Wild Fibre and the Search for Sustainable Cloth – Using nettles as an eco alternative to cotton.
– TUTORIAL – This article includes a tutorial about gathering, preparing and transforming nettle fibres into yarn
– Pigments, Powder, Stones and Earth – A study of different colours that can be achieved with ochre.
– Jute, From the Field to the Studio Via the Garden – On the many uses of jute.
– From Basket to Sculpture – About willow, from its cultivation to its transformation into art.
– Footwear from Waste Leather – On the sustainability of leather production and the use of leather waste, which are intrinsically connected to industrial farming.
– Sharing is the New Shopping – Ways to shop without buying something new.
– Garbage Turned to Treasure – Making artwork using a mixture of techniques: drawing, painting, sewing, and weaving using mostly found materials.
– Pebble, Sea, Glass and Rubbish – Frames with all sorts of waste found in the beach.
– TUTORIAL – This article includes a step by step guide to making a frame with rubbish.
– We also continue our investigation of plastic free craft supplies in department stores and craft shops.
– In the Eco Crafters and Entrepreneurs’ Awards, we talk to some of the members of our Facebook group
– XR Citizens Assembly Working Group talk to us about social change and the importance of demanding a Citizens Assembly to lead environmental policy.

Contents of Issue 17 (2019):
Lasting Bridalwear,
The Colour of Algae,
Sculpting Wool,
Straw Hats and Wetland Plants,
Shoes that Changed the World,
The Gallery Wall “A Misremembered Childhood”,
Creative Practice by Chance and Discovery in the Isle of Arran,
Using Potential Space to Explore the Human/Nature Relationship,
How Sustainable are Biomaterials?,
Designing Sustainable Communities with Open Source Citizen-Led Architecture,
Innovations for Recycling Mixed Plastics,
Ecological Solutions Inspired by Tradition: The Soap,
Tips for Sustainable Jewellery-Making and Buying,
Cultivating Dye… How a Passion for Vegetable Dye Grew into the Idea for a Multi-Location Dye Garden,
Breaking Silence and Isolation One Pocket at a Time,
Circular Systems: The Case of Rapanui,
Designing a Sensibility for Sustainable Clothing,
Advocating for The Earth. The Law According to Polly Higgins,
“Stolen Land, Stolen Culture, Stolen Climate”: Tackling Oil Sponsorship of the Arts and Culture,
Tutorials & more…


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