Autumn Issue 2018

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Our magazines include articles, interviews, tutorials, plenty of information on arts and crafts techniques, contact details, opportunities to participate in environmental and social projects around the world, a calendar of workshops, eco-friendly zero waste shopping (and making) ideas, reading suggestions, exclusive discounts on eco-friendly products and competitions.

We cover a wide range of crafts, spanning across a number of traditional and innovative materials, e.g. a wide range of textile fibres, wood, metal, stone, slate, ceramic, natural pigments, gathered/natural materials, innovative biomaterials, wood, plastic and much more.

Contents of the Autumn Issue 2018:

  • Felting for good in Wales
  • Maths, crafts and environmental politics;
  • Weaving a road to fairer global economy;
  • Weaving for everyone: a liberating experience of self reflection;
  • Artist made watercolours;
  • Fish leather on a narrow boat;
  • Fish leather tutorial
  • Fairies and colours;
  • The chrysalis effect;
  • A local upcycling business and the economy of waste textiles;
  • Thoughts about upcycling with BBC personality Jay Blades;
  • Cleaning up our streets: chewing gum collects chewed gum;
  • BIOHM: biomimicry disrupting the linear economy;
  • When one’s favourite fabrics turns into beautiful quilts;
  • Pieces that are alien to the beach;
  • Fibre and clay in the wild;
  • Choose to refuse: letting plastic free July inspire you, all year round;
  • Plastic free tea;
  • Freedom from plastic with fabric bags;
  • Petitions and campaigns;
  • Issues for ethical businesses;
  • Projects for the planet;
  • The eco crafters and entrepreneurs’ award (5th edition);
  • Step by step tutorials and more!
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Our magazines are printed in small batches at University of East London on 100% recycled paper.

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