We have had to increase the price of the magazine in the last year due to an increase in the costs of production. The reality is that we are just about breaking even. We are a small independent magazine that runs as a social enterprise. We print only a small number of copies to fulfil demand, this is to avoid unnecessary waste and energy consumption. As a result our costs are higher than other magazines who print larger amount of copies for distribution, only to have a high percentage of the printed magazines go to waste when they remain unsold in the shops.

For this reason we are thinking of different ways to balance the need to have some margin with our aim to reduce the price at the point of retail and make the magazine more accessible and widely read.

Some things we have done recently are:

  • To sell mostly by pre-order,
  • To reduce the price of the digital version,
  • To donate display copies to studios, cafes and open creative spaces for free. Send us an email ( if you know of a place where a copy of the magazine could be displayed for the general public.
  • To ask the designer-makers and businesses who feature in the magazine to contribute as much or as little as they can towards the running costs of producing the article (paying our writers, graphic designers, proofreaders, social media assistants and translators).

If you have an article that is being prepared by the team of No Serial Number Magazine and would like to make a donation, click on the ‘donate’ button below and follow the options. Thank you for your support, we will strive to make your feature a success.