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Tutorial: How to Make Your Own Memory Basket from Old Clothes
 Guest Post by Nancy Shafee

Nancy Shafee never can throw anything away! She has been collecting fabrics since she was about twelve years old and now makes ‘memory baskets’ for people from their own hoarded fabrics, no-longer-worn clothing or saved children’s dresses, so they have a useful item that still holds all the memories and saves their favourite fabrics at the same time! You can do this yourself too – here she gives you the instructions for an oval basket, as this is easier to [...]


Artists, Textiles & Nature the Wonder Begins … (Part One)

I thought it would be a good idea to put together a few eco print works to really showcase the variety of techniques that fall under this type of textile art. This variety occurs for different reasons. Each individual artist, for example, is always experimenting and constantly creates new recipes. Eco print artists use different combinations of natural materials to print on a variety of different textiles, for example, cotton, hemp, wool and silk. Many artists also combine eco printing with [...]