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Sat-su-ma: From beautiful plant dyes to outstanding garments

Sat-su-ma’s motion is not to objectivize the garment, but rather to turn dressing into an immediate experience. Based in Seferihisar, İzmir, Turkey, sat-su-ma products are 100% cotton, handmade and dyed with plant dyes using traditional recipes. Through the process of dyeing, no toxic chemical compounds are exploited while only local groundwater is used. Unique garments for women, with a twist on colours and garments. Highly recommended! Have a look at some of their lovely products: LUSH What an amazing dress! A creative design [...]


The Wild Dyery: Eco-conscious and mystical natural dyes

Prior to the Industrial Revolution all clothes were coloured using only plant dyes; but in the last 150 years all this dye-craft heritage has been lost in favour of synthetic and polluting textile production methods. Worried about this situation and committed to a renaissance of pre-industrial processes is how The Wild Dyery was born, an enterprise specialising in natural colour and dye fabric using only sustainable, environmentally friendly plant dyes. According to Justine Aldersey-Williams, the initiator of The Wild Dyery, [...]


Teresa Mascia: The Beauty of Linen

“Seeing a field in bloom and its delicate colour would make you fall in love with linen”.     Knowing Teresa is knowing the kind of artisan inspired by beloved past memories, folk and traditions. Teresa was born in 1945 in Cagliari (Sardinia), more specifically in San Basilio where she currently owns a small plot of land. Linen has been a relevant economic source for the area, as well as a precious occupation for the women of the commune, who regularly produce trousseaux, [...]