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Natural dyes: experimenting with cochineal and vine leaves

My name is Nathalie Leturcq and I was born in Belgium in 1965 and living in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain since 1995. I came here first time on holidays, 30 years ago and could not believe that those smalls seven islands were paradise on earth! Since my life as mother gave me some free time, I used it to learn the traditional crafts of Canarian culture: Calado (local embroidery), weaving on traditional looms, etc. I also work on my own projects, mainly [...]


10 Websites Where You Can Buy Ethically, Socially and Environmentally Responsible Fashion

I have put together a list of online shops where you can buy hand-made, eco-friendly and sustainable fashion. On these website you can find some valuable, high quality products, most of which are fully traceable up to its raw materials. By buying from these websites you will definitely appreciate the effort that goes behind making each individual product and in addition get to know the people who make them. Have you got your own list? Do you own or know of any ethical, social and [...]