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Discover the ‘Unpaper Towels’

Our ‘Unpaper towels’ came about because we were always using paper towels to clean up everything. Spills on the counter and floor, food on faces, wetting and dusting book shelves etc. and we started really noticing how much waste we were going through when we would empty our recycling and garbage and it was full of them. My husband suggested I start sewing reusable cloths, which we would keep stacked on our knife block to use for such spills. [...]


10 Websites Where You Can Buy Ethically, Socially and Environmentally Responsible Fashion

I have put together a list of online shops where you can buy hand-made, eco-friendly and sustainable fashion. On these website you can find some valuable, high quality products, most of which are fully traceable up to its raw materials. By buying from these websites you will definitely appreciate the effort that goes behind making each individual product and in addition get to know the people who make them. Have you got your own list? Do you own or know of any ethical, social and [...]


Eco-friendly Olive Oil Peace Lamps

I’ve been making the Olive Oil Peace Lamps for about 25 years now. I currently wholesale them to the Queen Creek Olive Mill in Queen Creek, Arizona, as well as selling them online and at some of the local art fairs. Originally I bought one in a gift shop because I thought it was a cool idea. A few weeks later I went back to the same gift shop to buy some more to give to friends, and they didn’t [...]