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#EthicalHour Roundup – Promoting Your Ethical Business

Kate Stuart is an artist, craftswoman and writer based in the North East of England. Owner of The Phoenix Green Store, she is currently in the process of transforming it into Newcastle Upon Tyne’s first zero waste shop. She handles the magazine’s Twitter account every Monday evening from 8pm GMT for #EthicalHour.   The last few weeks have seen me pulling on the mantle of Twitter handler for No Serial Number, and taking part in #EthicalHour. No mean feat – my [...]


Exploring Wabi Sabi with Louise O’Hara

Kate Stuart is an artist, craftswoman and writer based in the North east of England. She interviewed Louise O’Hara for the Winter Edition of No Serial Number Magazine. The full article can be found at www.noserialnumber.org, and via digital download here. When I first started following Louise O’Hara on Facebook, she still called her page Drawn to Stitch, and I would marvel at the tactile landscapes that took me away to my heart’s home in the Highlands of Scotland. Marrying [...]


Blanket Without Borders

Kate Stuart is the eco-creator and owner of The Phoenix Green Store, based in Newcastle upon Tyne. Here she talks about her experience with the Blanket Without Borders Project, and her workshops to give opportunity to the North East to share their stories of place and connection with those of the wider community and international family. In January 2017 I answered the call to create a patch for a collaborative blanket that was being made by artist-makers of The Sussex [...]

Litter on a street

Quitting Plastic Isn’t Hard, It’s Almost Impossible!

By Holly by Heart I started this year thinking I’d make a few swaps in my usual food shop and I’d be able to cut out a large chunk of the plastic in my bin. I was wrong. It’s hard. Really hard. As in almost impossible! I’ve seen the zero waste tribe in articles. They seem like lovely people but unfortunately they seem unrelatable. They have to eat Weetabix for breakfast (the only cereal wrapped in paper), they buy grains in [...]


A Call For Zero Waste Contributions

Kate Stuart runs The Phoenix Green Store, making household textiles and zero waste alternatives from recycled/reclaimed/re-purposed fabric. She also writes for No Serial Number Magazine and is looking for contributions from people who follow a zero waste lifestyle for her latest article. Read on for more details! I’ve been on a zero-waste journey for a while now. It’s a difficult path, especially when funds are low and you have a family to cater for. Sometimes you just want to give [...]


What Is Ethical Anyway?

By Holly by Heart One of my favourite shops is H&M. Most of my clothes are from charity shops but when I do buy new, it’s from H&M. The reason? It’s cheap and cheerful, and quick and easy. It is the one shop that I’m going to miss when buying ethically. Well, that’s what I though until I stumbled in their ‘conscious’ range. I was completely taken back when I spotted eco certified deodorant, cardigans made with recycled polyester, [...]

It's not me

It’s Not Me, It’s You

By Holly by Heart It’s like a messy break up, me trying to end my relationship with plastic. It’s like having an ex who seems to follow you around! I mean, plastic is everywhere you turn. It’s like a stalker who’s really bad at hiding! A quick trip to buy bread and milk is now a difficult experience. Bread in the shops is all wrapped in plastic. Luckily there is a village bakery where I live so I’ve been buying bread [...]

Single use plastic

The Inconvenient Truth

By Holly by Heart Convenience is a word I keep stumbling upon. Take away coffee cups are convenient. Convenience foods, ready made meals, bottles of water, crisp packets… all conveniently wrapped up so you can consume them quickly. You know what’s not convenient – single use plastic. Al Gore had a good reason to name his film on climate change “the inconvenient truth” because none of this take away lifestyle is convenient for anyone who wants a future not drowning in [...]


Sarah Cross: Hand Spinner, Weaver and Knitter

Hi, I’m Sarah a hand spinner, weaver and knitter based in wild and windy Mid Wales, UK. I’m passionate about reducing textile and fashion industry waste. As a result, I use waste fibres and leftover stock from textile mills and re-process it so that I can spin it into unique yarns. These are then sold as individual yarn skeins or are used by me to create one of a kind woven or knitted garments and accessories. Sarah’s work is featured in the [...]


Stitches, Feathers and Natural Colours on Textile as a Metaphor of a Personal Journey Part Two

Guest Article by Roxanne Lasky Go to Previous Page I jotted down every thought that came across my mind. And before long, I was telling a story of migration. Migration of the dyes moving gracefully through the fabric, crossing grid lines and arriving in other spaces. I realized that this echoed the story of my recent migration from Connecticut to South Carolina and I immediately felt connected to the cloth in a whole new way. Each stitch was a step and [...]