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Freeweaver Saori Studio

Freeweaver Saori Studio provides hand weaving classes on Japanese floor looms that are easy to use and support an intuitive way of weaving, aiming to allow each weaver to utilise the loom as a vehicle of self expression. The art of Saori weaving was developed in Japan in the late Sixties by Misao Jo (1913-2018). As well as weaving classes, we also have a range of ethical yarns as well as Saori equipment. Freeweaver Saori Studio is a registered Saori studio. We [...]


Eloïse Sentito: A Nomadic Handweaver Touring the Celtic Lands in a Retro Motorhome

Hailing from Dartmoor, England, I am a nomadic handweaver touring the Celtic lands in a retro motorhome. A designer-maker and sole-trader, I founded These Isles in 2014. I make, to your spec or my whim, fine and rugged scarves, snugs, cowls, shawls, blankets and rugs for low-impact, woollen, landscape medicine. I sell on Etsy. I write. I resist race-to-the-bottom economics and plug eco-socialist principles. I barter. I sometimes teach. I convene The Green Cloth Collective. I also sell pretty [...]


STHfromNTH: Upcycled and Customised Products

STHfromNTH makes upcycled and customised products from what we call ‘rubbish’ and throw away everyday. Our aim is to reduce reliance on our throw away culture by showing that these items can be turned into functional and valuable objects, impressive works of art, toys or presents and be great fun to make! You can find ready to purchase products in our online shop or order a custom one. Recently we started working on upcycling workshops for children and adults [...]


Sophia Mulheran Designs: Sustainable and Ethical Homewares, Stationery and Giftware

Sophia is a brand of sustainable and ethical homewares, stationery and giftware. It is our goal to continuously give back to the environment and community through our various projects. At this point in time, we’re currently working towards removing 1 Million pieces of rubbish from the environment and planting 500 native trees for Australian wildlife. We also ensure that our business is as sustainable as possible by: Maintaining a plastic free business Planting 1 tree for every shipment Removing 100 pieces of rubbish [...]

zero waste conditioner product review

Product review: zero waste hair conditioner

By Holly by Heart My super fussy hair strikes again. Yes, I know I probably shouldn’t colour my hair but I do and I like it and I need lots of good conditioner to stop my hair turning into a bit frizzy knot. So, I did try to find a suitable alternative. Pure raw coconut oil It was reduced and I saw it online so I bought it. Everyone raves about how good coconut oil is and I had vague memories of [...]


Emma Bevan: Combining Traditional Techniques With Contemporary Designs

My name is Emma, I live in the Brecon Beacons. I am a mum, artist, tutor and events organiser. The wool I use is sourced locally, from smallholders and suppliers in Britain, and mainly hand-dyed. Using local wool creates another link between myself and the landscape, and felt-making allows me to explore my relationship with nature and the environment, to create art whilst being hands-on and immerse myself in its tactile and soothing processes. I combine traditional techniques with contemporary [...]

shampoo bars

Product review: Zero Waste Shampoo Bars

By Holly by Heart Before I talk about the shampoo bars I have to say that my hair is fussy. It’s fine, coloured, gets greasy quickly with dry ends. I spent years finding a high street shampoo and conditioner that meant I didn’t have to wash it every day. So I have high expectations! Friendly Shampoo bar from NaturalCollection Nice cardboard box, simple design, no nonsense kind of thing. To be fair, I only tried this once. I know I should give [...]


#plasticfreecraft Campaign. Join us?

Plastic. It’s in, or around everything. As craftspeople interested in natural materials, dyes, techniques, it is easy to fall into a belief that what we create is plastic free. I make patchwork quilts and call them plastic free, yet the needles for my sewing machine come in plastic cases, my pins are mostly tipped with a little ball of plastic (though I do have glass headed ones which are sharper and that I prefer, but which cost more money and therefore [...]


Ethical & Eco Handbags by Women, for Women.

Lucia Jombikova, a fashion designer passionate about reducing the impact of waste fabric on landfill, has launched a range of handcrafted handbags and purses to form the core products of her ethical brand The Berry Berry. Utilizing and up-cycling off-cuts from a sofa factory in her Slovakian hometown, as well as textile remnants from recycling centres, fashion designers and  even ebay, she employs a team of skilled women, all based in Slovakia and Romania, to create this unique collection [...]


HatsOff BootsOn: Milliner and Shoemaker

Hi, I am Rositta Priestley. My creative business is HatsOff BootsOn. I am an innovative designer-maker milliner and shoemaker in London SE25. I have been an avid upcycler all of my life. When I look at anything, rather than seeing what it is, I visualise how I could use it to shape a hat or boot. My inspiration comes from 1920s to 1950s and beyond, with my own unique and effervescent style coming through. My millinery and shoemaking skills are combined with [...]