Author - Sharron Barton

Trying on a purple velvet dress

Shopping for Vintage at Vintage Fairs.

By Sharron Barton, Losana B I love shopping pre-loved. Charity shops are a fabulous source of beautiful, high quality clothing but you need to have the time to really go through the racks and find the gems. A vintage fair takes away that effort offering a range of pre-loved clothing, and other items, all already checked and inspected by the dealers. Trying on a purple velvet dress I took my daughter to her first vintage fair this weekend. The fair is run by [...]

Bangladesh garment workers

Don’t we Know, or Don’t we Care?

I studied fashion many years ago. Even then I was horrified by what I learned about how garment manufacturing worked, the conditions in factories, treatment of workers, environmental damage and so on.  Over the years I’ve hoped things would improve but from all I’ve seen they only got worse. But very little of it ever makes news in this country. It is still hidden from mainstream, still considered something nobody is interested in, nobody except a select few. The Rana [...]

Tin of wrapped sweets

‘Tis the Season to be Jolly Without Creating Waste

As the time of the year where it is most difficult keep our waste to a minimum approaches, Sharron from Losana B wants us to reflect about a seemingly small problem: sweet wrappers. We have a lot of these individually wrapped chocolates and sweets over the holidays even though the wrappers’ destiny is the general waste bin. If we don’t want to go without, can we reuse them in creative ways?   Everybody loves the sweets, chocolates and other treats that [...]