Author - Jacquie Rosenbach

Adriana Santanocito: Research, Fashion and Passion for Sicily

“Behind every innovative product that wants to go to market, there needs to be an awareness of how industrial logic and economics work.” An enthusiast for fashion, an entrepreneur, a creator, a forward-thinker. This is how Adriana Santanocito, founder of Orange Fiber, could be described. Orange Fiber is one of those amazing startups that makes you believe in the power of creative thinking. The company aims to use the byproducts from the citrus juice industry – currently valuing 700.000 tonnes just [...]


Teresa Mascia: The Beauty of Linen

“Seeing a field in bloom and its delicate colour would make you fall in love with linen”.     Knowing Teresa is knowing the kind of artisan inspired by beloved past memories, folk and traditions. Teresa was born in 1945 in Cagliari (Sardinia), more specifically in San Basilio where she currently owns a small plot of land. Linen has been a relevant economic source for the area, as well as a precious occupation for the women of the commune, who regularly produce trousseaux, [...]