Author - Holly By Heart

It's not me

It’s Not Me, It’s You

By Holly by Heart It’s like a messy break up, me trying to end my relationship with plastic. It’s like having an ex who seems to follow you around! I mean, plastic is everywhere you turn. It’s like a stalker who’s really bad at hiding! A quick trip to buy bread and milk is now a difficult experience. Bread in the shops is all wrapped in plastic. Luckily there is a village bakery where I live so I’ve been buying bread [...]

Single use plastic

The Inconvenient Truth

By Holly by Heart Convenience is a word I keep stumbling upon. Take away coffee cups are convenient. Convenience foods, ready made meals, bottles of water, crisp packets… all conveniently wrapped up so you can consume them quickly. You know what’s not convenient – single use plastic. Al Gore had a good reason to name his film on climate change “the inconvenient truth” because none of this take away lifestyle is convenient for anyone who wants a future not drowning in [...]


Easiest Laundry Hack Ever!

By Holly by Heart How could I have been so stupid? It’s so obvious and yet I’ve been wasting my time for years! I got a bit fed up this week, fed up with the constant load of housework. The one that overwhelms me the most is washing clothes. If I don’t do it every other day, the baskets (yes, not one but two baskets of dirty clothes) overflow and get kicked around the floor.  So, I stopped. Just like that. [...]


Turning Over A New Leaf Isn’t Going To Be Easy

By Holly by Heart It’s not me that I’m worried about, I can cope with pretty much anything. It’s the little people. They’ve come to expect certain things, like branded hoodies and shoes with flashing lights in. Me? I’m happy wearing my stretch jeans that I bought from a charity shop 10 years ago. It’s lucky that rips are trendy!  It’s not that my kids are fussy, they’re really not, they’d love anything if it’s new to them. The charity shop [...]


Stop The Plastic Tide From My Bathroom

By Holly by Heart It happened again. This time in the bathroom, with an empty deodorant. I’m not starting this new lifestyle until January because Christmas is seriously not the best time to do anything but, oh my, I just cannot go back. That deodorant keeps looking at me from the bathroom bin. At least now the empty toilet roll tubes are making their way to the recycling bin. And I’ve never flushed wipes down the toilet, that’s far worse [...]

Trash can

So It Begins With Trash Talk

By Holly by Heart It was if the world had stopped turning, just for a second, as I stood poised over the bin with the dishwasher tablet packet. The dead whale from Blue Planet 2 was there, judging me. This innocent looking plastic packaging wasn’t so innocent. It would outlive me, my children, my grandchildren and countless more generations. I felt helpless and lost as I released the plastic into the bin. Eaten by guilt I swore then and there [...]