Welcome to No Serial Number Publishing 


We are No Serial Number Publishing, an independent publisher that explores sustainability through arts, crafts, design, business and society.

Our print/ digital books and magazines explore the following themes crafts, nature and society.


Questions we often ask ourselves are:

How can we prosper without destroying the natural environment that sustains us? 

What can and should we do to promote biodiversity and sustainable living?

What would happen if we all started buying less and making more?

How can we make stuff in ways that are eco friendly? 

What role can artists, crafters and designer-makers play in building more sustainable societies?

What’s the environmental impact of the materials we use to manufacture the stuff we use every day?

How can we promote cultures where upcycling and refurbishing are as normal as buying new? 

How can humans live in harmony with nature? 

What does being ‘eco’ really mean?

How can different industries – construction, transport, fashion, energy, manufacturing, agriculture – become more environmentally sustainable?

We interview experts, practitioners, artisans, campaigners, and designers in search for answers.

Hope you will join our journey.

Contact: editornsn@gmail.com