About Us

No Serial Number Publishing is a small family initiative.

We don’t publish for a living. For us this is a hobby so we keep things simple. We publish because we are committed to share amazing stories of brilliant people who do important things.




We talk to artisans who make beautiful crafts and designers who create functional designs for sustainable living. We look at the sustainability of traditional and innovative materials, we ask where the materials come from and explore the life cycle of everyday objects. We seek to make from what we already have instead of buying or buying used instead of new.



We interview new entrepreneurs who have set out to find solutions to all kinds of environmental problems and also established businesspeople who have taken steps to make their businesses more sustainable. We explore new business models and innovative ideas because we believe society should give these priority. We try to unpack in simple terms very complex realities, navigating humbling heritages and exploring exciting innovations.



We tell inspiring stories of grassroots environmental campaigners and experts who are fighting to make this planet liveable for the next generations. Some engage with governments and big corporations through dialogue, protests, and petitions or set up initiatives to educate children about climate change in schools or work on projects to decentralise energy systems. While others may seek to reduce lowering the environmental impact of their communities by litter picking, planting trees or rewilding abandoned plots of land.



Bottom line, everyone’s efforts matter tremendously.  Individuals, businesses and governments have to work together to transition to a greener economy.



The reality is that our children are facing an environmental catastrophe of which humans, especially the wealthy ones, are responsible and there are two things that we have to do to address this impeding catastrophe. The first is to slow down and urgently and objectively reassess our heritages wherever these can help move towards, for example, low waste options and simpler living solutions. The second is to speed up and invest in ecological innovations across all fields and industries, something that governments and big business have the power to do.




If you are a business or an organisation and would like to make our publications available for the public to consult for free, then please email us info@noserialnumber.org

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