About Us


No Serial Number Magazine is a family-run print and digital publication that explores sustainability through traditional crafts and innovative design. NSN Magazine is a platform to promote designers, artisans, creative businesses, projects or otherwise realities that work according to principles of environmental sustainability around the world. It is a humble attempt to write about how human creativity, nature and activism intersect in contemporary society.

Regular topics covered in the magazine:

  • Eclectic mix of traditional trades and crafts (textiles, pottery, basketry etc.)
  • Everyday crafts and craftivism
  • Innovative product design for environmental solutions
  • Slow / ethical fashion
  • Creative recycling / upcycling
  • Zero waste lifestyle
  • Eco-friendly business startups
  • Multifunctional garden and biodiversity
  • Environmental movements

We produce a quarterly print magazine that can be purchased here.

The team:

The core team is small. We are also dedicated to maintaining close relationships with the artisans, businesses, social and community enterprises we work with to promote their projects.

Alessandra (Editor) develops the content of the magazine and associated initiatives. If you’d like to propose a story for the magazine, you can get in touch here: editorial@noserialnumber.org

Francesca (Art editor) is in charge of the graphic content of the magazine and social media pages. She also looks after our readers’ inquiries on a day to day basis. If you have a general enquiring about purchasing the magazine or if you’d like to work with us in any way, get in touch here: info@noserialnumber.org

Rosa (NSN Italy) is in charge of finding eco-friendly realities in Italy and writing about them. Get in touch here if you’d like to learn more: noserialnumberitaly@gmail.com

We also work with a number of dedicated freelance writers who are all activists and artisans in their own right!  You can find out more about them in the magazine and online when they write for the blog.

Do get in touch, we look forward to hearing your story!