“I really enjoy the variety of topics, and
overall content. Please keep up the great
work- we need this kind of support and
inspiration.” Tierny

“Keep the content varied and keep featuring
more artists and creatives who live an alternative
lifestyle promotion recycling-basically more of what you’re doing!”

“I am a designer interested in nature and craft
with ecological aspects so I learn a lot through
your magazine.”

What is No Serial Number Magazine?

No Serial Number is a family-run print and digital magazine dedicated to
showcasing and promoting small, independent designers, artisans, creative businesses, labels, projects and any other grassroots realities with a strong social, ethical and sustainable ethos. No Serial Number wants to promote all those initiatives, realities and products that cannot be reproduced in series: rooted locally, organically grown, traditionally-crafted, hand-made, upcycled or recycled and made with ethics in mind.