The perfect sustainable winter coat exists!

I know very well how difficult it is to find a winter coat that will last for a very long time.

Fashion always changes season by season and rarely the same winter fashion will come back the following year and most of us feel that we have to follow trends… but we don’t (I was never good at following trends)! Each and every time I go shopping (which is on very rare occasions), I take my time (usually a very long time) to decide what I really need. The most common questions that go through my mind are: what materials is this product made of? Is it going to last? Do I really need it? And finally, but most importantly, is it comfortable, practical and at the same time ‘fashionable’, and for fashionable I mean timeless? For these reasons, when I am on a hunt for a new coat (which probably happens every 4 or 5 years) I am always really keen to choose carefully.

Nowadays I have added two more questions to the many I already asked myself when I was buying a piece of clothing which are: Is it made using eco-friendly materials and who made it?

Looking through my favourite shopping platform, Etsy, I found some really excellent sustainable options of various coat styles that answer all of these questions. I hope you like this list, which one is your favourite?



  1. Navy blue, black pleated wool oversized jacket – This is a great sustainable coat, upcycled from vintage textile leftover fabrics. Absolutely timeless!



2. Gray striped plain wool oversized jacket – This beautiful jacket is completely sustainable. It is made of upcycled and vintage textile leftover fabrics.


3. Zerowaste draped designer cape – This amazing cape is made of 100% organic wool GOTS certified! I cannot stress more how gorgeous this is …


4. “FLATAN MOLA” organic wool coat – This is coat is absolutely stunning, perfectly timeless and it surely looks extremely comfortable!


5. Beige winter coat – This is a beautiful merino wool and alpaca coat. All the materials are made using the natural colour of the fabrics so completely natural.


6. Women Long Woolen and Handwoven Khadi cotton wrap – I am absolutely in love with this one! Made of  hand woven traditional Khadi cotton has woollen fabric inside which will keep you cosy on a winter day.


There are always some amazing vintage options on Etsy …

7. Sheepskin coat – Beautiful vintage sheepskin coat … you know it will definitely keep you warm!

8. Vintage sheep fur coat – Vintage sheep fur coat from the 1980s … Absolutely fabulous colour and style. I am sure it will last for another ten years!il_570xn-1101459753_o6c2

9. Vintage 70s Brown Suede Sheepskin Lined Shearling Winter Coat – This is another fantastic 1970s vintage sheepskin coat … definitely my favourite kind!il_570xn-1119846065_fxn3

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