A Christmas that doesn’t cost the Earth

We are Williby Roc‘s, a new Eco-arts and crafts venture started in April 2016 by two crafty mums from South Shields. Together we aim to release children’s potential for creation and resourcefulness using reclaimed and natural materials from the world around us.

We are passionate about arts and crafts and we also care about our environment and the world we live in. This seemed like a perfect opportunity to create Williby Roc’s and start empowering children to be more confident and sustainable within their communities, while releasing their potential to become independent learners and crafters.

Christmas is such a magical time of year but it can also be a material driven and wasteful time of year too. The trick is to get the balance right, doing what you can to reduce the burden of the waste mountain created by the Christmas rush all around the world. Children love to make their own decorations and gifts. It saves money, is eco-friendly and adds a magical touch of personalisation that money just can’t buy!

This year at Williby Roc’s we are creating fabulous Christmas decorations made from woodland materials for children to take home and deck their halls with! The experience begins when the children are at one with nature, taking to the forests and parks to collect their own materials. There’s nothing more satisfying than going on a brisk winter walk through the trees and foraging your very own materials.

Wooden Santa, Christmas Garland and Fairy Door all made from pre-cut branches, pine cones, twine, recycled and preloved materials
Wood cookie decorations made from pre-cut branches, twigs, string, recycled papers and paint
Stars made from twigs joined with string and Pine Cone Creatures made from pine cones, leaves, recycled card and google eyes to finish!

Some of things we manage to forage are sticks, lengths of branch we make into wood cookies, pine cones, the beautiful fallen leaves, the list is long! What could we do with them I hear you ask? Well, we can create fabulous Christmas decorations of course!

Have a happy Yuletide!
from Danielle and Kaye at Williby Roc’s

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