“Dyeing in the Vineyard”

Wine is the source of Nathalie Leturcq´s burgeoning enterprise,  Jóias Janaina.

For the last two years, Leturcq, a textile designer from Belgium, has been working closely with the Monje wine estate in El Sauzal, Tenerife, to investigate the properties of the tints that can be extracted from the grapes and vines during the winemaking process. This meticulous work has led to some beautiful discoveries and this is how the Jóias Janaina sister brand, Vinotinte was born. Subtle hues of gold and peridot green form the main colour base for Leturcq´s collections, along with gentle violets and pink tones. Colours, which are unique to grapes and vines. Every item is unique as no piece can be dyed exactly the same as the next; that is the beauty of working with nature. Leturcq uses traditional dyeing methods such as Tie Dye, Shibori and Eco Print to produce the delicate patterns which run through the silk of the garment and her work is testament to her many years of knowledge and experience in this field. Her message is clear; sometimes it is not worth chasing the perfect plant to obtain a certain tint as a concentrated study into one single plant can reveal a whole multitude of colours.




Now, as a pioneer in the field of natural dyes and eco printing, Leturcq has written her first book, “Tiñendo entre viñedos” or “Dyeing in the Vineyard” in English. “Tiñendo entre viñedos” is a complete guide to working with natural dyes, most importantly the tints extracted from the winemaking process. Complete with photos, practical advice and examples of Letrucq´s work the book is an essential for anyone embarking on the journey into the world of eco fashion. Whilst the first edition is in Spanish, future editions have been planned so that the book can be enjoyed worldwide in a selection of languages. For now, the Spanish edition can be purchased in paperback or in ebook form.


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