Project: From an Old Pair of Jeans…

Old fashion magazines and old, unusable pairs of jeans were what inspired this project.

I also added some small scraps of fabric which were bought in a sale at Liberty in London. They were one of those irresistible purchases that you make, even when you’re not sure what you’d use them for.

They are too small to use for a garment, but perfect for a project! There are so many interesting ideas to be found in old magazines.

I can use almost all the fabric from the old pairs of jeans, except for the parts that have worn!

Today, my plan is to create a little dress for a three-year-old-girl out of them; it will need to be comfortable to wear, preferably over a top and trousers.

Between the pages of an issue of Burda (one of those magazines that are never thrown out!) I find a pattern which, with a bit of adaptation, might be just the ticket.

modello burda


I will need to make some adaptations to the pattern, always necessary when reusing fabric (in this case I have a few ‘legs’ from old pairs of jeans, which are partly ruined).

Not being able to use the full length of the fabric – the ‘jeans legs’ were ruined! – I decide to remodel the pattern by inserting a yoke where the skirt begins. The comfortable central pleat on the front of the dress will be made from Liberty cotton.

Once I have reproduced the adapted pattern onto paper, I cut the fabric, adapting best I can to the pieces of fabric that I have available and then basting them together.

modello su carta


preparazione piega

taglio piega-2



As I begin sewing I think about what I can add for that special touch: among the scraps are some old jeans pockets (it’s always a good idea to save those old jeans pockets which are in good condition, there are many occasions when they could be useful!).

montaggio tasca

At this point, it is just the finishing of the neckline and sleeves which remain. There are some little strips of the Liberty cotton left over which would lend themselves perfectly as the ‘fancy’ touch.

All that is left now is to see my granddaughter’s reaction (and design another one for her little sister!).


giro collo giro manica



Text by Rosa Rossi

Translation by Fuschia Hutton

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