TJ Design Clothing: Pure Hand Dyed Clothing

Trisha and Jill love and enjoy creating hand-made garments for women. Their offer ranging from scarves, tops, coats and bloused are handmade and hand dyed utilising natural colours. Every piece is unique! We highly recommend having a look at their materials, because they are include beautiful stuff as eucalyptus leaves.

Trisha makes no effort to control the plants, water, and many other variables that create an adventure with every bundle that she opens. Plants change with the seasons as does the local water. Each bundle is individual and some results can be similar but no 2 are the same. The fabrics are passed to Jill and she decides what they will become, largely based on the size and flow or each piece.

TJ Design Clothing is located in Canada, but they are happy to deliver their creations wherever in the world you are. So why don’t you have a look at some of their beautiful clothes?

Linen Top

A beautiful linen top was created from a found piece of linen and used as one of Trisha’s first experiments with botanical printing and natural dying. There are little hints of pinks, creams and soft leaf lines. The pocket has a small old abalone button.

Materials? Linen, buttons, eucalyptus leaves and cochineal dye

As a new adventure Trisha did not know about bundling or many other details that she has since incorporated into her work. This was serendipitous, one time only, unrepeatable. A success.

Vest or Sleeveless Top

Great with jeans! A beautiful silk noile has been eco printed using eucalyptus leaves. The natural logwood dye and a piece of rusty metal steams the bundle.The result is a tan/taupe background with light and dark navy leaf prints. This piece of fabric was used for the fronts of this vest and the detail fabric supporting the buttonholes. Navy Linen was used for the back of the vest and all bindings and facings. The 3 buttons make it easy to use as a vest or a top.

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