Three Tank Tops for Three Dear Grandchildren



  • Three dear grandchildren;
  • Little time to hand;
  • A desire to bring them a gift I have created myself, one for each child;
  • Around 400g of AquiLANA 100% pure virgin wool, which originates from the pastures of The Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park in Italy and has been dyed with madder (salmon pink) and woad (blue);
  • A Burda Knitting Pattern Book that I have had since time immemorial;
  • Knitting needles, size 4.5;
  • A yarn needle;
  • A crochet hook, size 4.5.


The garment was chosen not so much for the time I had available but more for its practicality, how easy it is to wear and match with other items.

Starting with the measurements (the shoulders, armholes and length), I create a sample of the individual pattern I will use for each top, which is a different plaited pattern for each one. This helps me to check how many stitches are needed before I get to work.

I start by making the three back pieces, the three front pieces and then sew them together at the end.

When all pieces are ready, I quickly wash them with some neutral soap, place them on a towel that I roll up to remove the excess water and leave them to dry on the rack, in a horizontal position and arranged such that they won’t need ironing.

Once dry, the assembly phase begins; I weave in the ends of the threads, sew together the sides and the shoulders, fit in the sleeves and finish the neckline, for which I use knitting needles for the little boy, and the crochet hook for the girls.

I simply add two wooden butterfly buttons for the little girls, just tying them with a thread on the back so they can be taken off and easily changed.

They are now ready to go in the suitcase!









Text by Rosa Rossi

Translation by Fuschia Hutton

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