Theresa Brown: “Eco printing it’s not a word you will find in the dictionary”

Theresa gives life to the ancient art of silk painting when she puts her brush to the silk or when she decides to explore the many methods of adding colour and design to natural fibers. She has her own definition of eco printing, and hers implies bringing mother nature’s actual colours and designs to her palette through an eco-conscious process.

Theresa is based in North Carolina, and from her studio and mini-farm, she regularly creates her beautiful art while also running workshops. Her silk art ranges from hand-dyed designs on exquisite silk scarves and shawls to eco printed silk pieces, without using any digitally printed designs on the materials. As she explains, some of her pieces have random abstract designs created with the colours, while others are created from her own drawings and designs, carved by hand from blocks of wood and linoleum.

The artist knows how to enjoy the process of creating a new piece: from gathering the plants in her local countryside to finally having a scarf ready, Theresa is able to guide all of us through the eco printing process and she shares her experiences of exploring and connecting with this ancient practice in the latest issue of No Serial Number Magazine, Spring issue 2017.

Do you want to know her own definition of botanical printing and get to know more about her practice? Read her words in No Serial Number magazine. The Spring issue is waiting for you!

The latest issue of the print magazine packed with interviews and features on eco and heritage artists and artisans is available now.

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