The Countryside Carpenter: hand-crafted with love and conscience

Bespoke garden birdhouses, window boxes, window shutters, beds and tables are just some of the beautiful crafts The Countryside Carpenter offers for your home and garden. Based in Appledore, North Devon (UK), Ruthie Harvey, the shop owner, is passionate about the environment. As such, the wood and materials used by her shop are recycled, upcycled and repurposed, wherever possible.

The Countryside Carpenter’s products are designed and hand-crafted in their tiny workshop, based on the individual requirements of each client. And actually, they love to see photos of their pieces once they are in use in the homes or gardens of their clients.

Though they claim to use sustainable and reclaimed wood, remember it’s always worthwhile reviewing where the materials come from!

Have a look at their lovely hand-crafted pieces:

Bespoke Bird Houses/ Nesting Boxes

These beautiful bird houses are a lovely gift for weddings, anniversaries and birthdays; but also a great way to make your garden look more gorgeous and to allow nature to make its home near your home. A wonderful way for children and grandchildren see first hand birds in a safe environment.

The Countryside Carpenter is happy to personalize every order. Colour, size and finish are all down to the clients individual requirements.

Serving Tray Set

3 gorgeously handcrafted serving trays, designed from sustainable wood sources. Can be finished in wax, oil or paint. They come in 3 different sizes for a wide variety of uses. A beautiful addition to any home.

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