Ever ruined your favourite woollen jumper in the washing machine? A new passion may be hiding behind this accident!

I never learnt to sew as a child because I wore glasses and my mother thought that school was quite enough “close work” for me! Besides, I probably preferred mud pies, climbing trees and later reading in my spare time, if the truth were known….

Half a century later when my elderly mother passed away, I inherited her sewing machine and basket and finally wanted to sew. I began to make a stitched memory book about her, to pass on to my daughter. Later, I tried felting, both wet and dry; acorns, bowls, slippers, pictures and then began an addiction for boiling wool! I recycled woollen sweaters to make into bags, fingerless gloves and embroidered brooches. Those who ruin a jumper by accidently letting it slip into the hot cycle of the washing machine, then guiltily take it to a charity shop make me a very happy woman indeed.




My latest passion is eco-dyeing and, having seen Caroline Bell’s work, at an exhibition and then in No Serial Number, I can’t wait to go on one of her workshops.


Though I may never master a craft I adore having a go at anything to do with fabric, wool or thread and the magazine is a treasure trove of images and articles to admire and to be inspired by.

By profession I am an Italian teacher, interpreter and translator so maybe I could finally combine my adoration of textile artists and my love of words? Perhaps I could help bring articles by Italian craftspersons and artists to English readers? Meanwhile, I shall keep on enjoying working with wool, linen, cotton and threads…..as an amateur of course!

Written by Lucy Sobrero

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