Silkworm Yarn Shop: a small sewing shop, with a bit of everything

As a hyperactive child, what is now known as ADHD, Roxana Milby drove her mother nuts. After a while, her mom found out that crafts helped her focus – even if she had 3 projects going at once! Her mom signed Roxana up for classes in crafts she didn’t know and taught her what she could. That is how in the 1980’s, Roxana began helping her mother to teach her classes. While her mom hated to teach, she loved it. Eventually, Roxana was able to open a yarn shop of her own which due to back issues and the failing economy, closed in 2012. But the good news is that Roxana’s shop has an “online version” which allows all of us to get her reusable and sustainable products!

The Silkworm Yarn She ships worldwide from the USA and all of its products are affordable.

  1. Reusable coffee filter:Reusable 9″ coffee filter made from unbleached muslin. Two layers top stitched with no exposed edges.

    It is so easy to just dump the grounds, shake out, rinse and dry. It doesn’t even have to be dry to reuse. Every once in a while toss it into the wash with whites for a deep cleaning.


2. Alpaca light brown silver:

This is two ounces of light brown alpaca from Louet. It had a wonderful soft hand and is simply a pleasure to spin.

Same roving available in white, medium brown, brown, light grey and grey.


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