Sesame Seed Designs: Translating a love for the outdoors

Casey love for the outdoors comes from growing up on 20 acres alongside a mountain stream and with a patient mother who tolerated salamanders, crawdads and aquatic insects as temporary pets. She fall in love with summer camps as a nine-year-old exploring the redwood forests at a beautiful camp in northern California and went on to spend several summers during college working as a counselor.

This explains not only the educational and environmental projects she develops around Friends of Tryon Creek, Tualatin Hills Parks and Recreation District and Zenger Farm but also her interest in working with natural materials for the production of beautiful designs. Casey, the creator of Sesame Seed Designs is a proper and complete eco-printer.

Here we have selected our favourite designs! Have a look

Leaf Printed Mandala Pillow

This unique pillow is made of fabric that has been dyed using only the natural pigments of real leaves in a time consuming, but completely environmentally friendly process: “eco printing”. No synthetic inks, dyes or pigments are used.
Real leaves are gathered and bundled with the fabric making each piece completely one of a kind. This pillow has prints of various oak, eucalyptus, smokebush and maple leaves arranged in a mandala pattern. The fabric on the front of the pillow is a gorgeous washable Pendleton wool. The back is cream-colored cotton.

Summer Sunset Leaf Printed Scarf

Silk charmeuse is the most elegant of silks. It is a muted crepe on the backside and lustrous satin on the top. This scarf has also been printed with leaves and dyed using only natural materials. Leaves include cotinus, blackberry, wild rose, eucalyptus, and maple. It has also been dyed with a natural dye called cochineal to create pink and purple colors reminiscent of a sunset.

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