Sat-su-ma: From beautiful plant dyes to outstanding garments

Sat-su-ma’s motion is not to objectivize the garment, but rather to turn dressing into an immediate experience. Based in Seferihisar, İzmir, Turkey, sat-su-ma products are 100% cotton, handmade and dyed with plant dyes using traditional recipes. Through the process of dyeing, no toxic chemical compounds are exploited while only local groundwater is used.

Unique garments for women, with a twist on colours and garments. Highly recommended!

Have a look at some of their lovely products:

What an amazing dress! A creative design with beautiful colours.
100% cotton poplin dress with nacre buttons on shoulders. Dyed with madder, cochineal and onion skins.
One size fits all. Model: 170 cm / size 38

This 100% handwoven cotton flared leg trousers will make you shine! With nacre buttons on side, this pink design definitely outstands from the rest. Dyed with cochineal.
Fits size 36/38. Model: 170 cm / size 38

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