Runner Handmade: Start your “plastic free” challenge

About one year ago, Meghan and her boyfriend decided to try going “plastic free” for one month. As she says in her blog, “The challenge was eye-opening”. She couldn’t find great options for going plastic free, so she started sewing more, knitting more and gardening more… and that’s how the idea of Runner Handmade came up. Meghan started by creating her own line of bulk bags.

These have been tried and tested by her personally, but this is just the beginning for an eco-friendly entrepreneur who ensures that the old cliche “be the change you want to see in the world”, has never been more relevant than now.

And since some supermarkets are finally starting to reduce or even prohibit the use of plastic bags, having your sustainable bulk bags is a must. From Nelson (Canada) with love, have a look at Runner Handmade products made mainly from cotton.

Set of 3 Bulk Bags

This is a set of 3 bulk bags, made with 100% cotton muslin and 100% cotton drawstring.

A great set to get you started with bulk bags! Use Bulk Bags in your everyday shopping for bulk items at the grocery store and fresh produce!

1 x small size = 13 cm x 17 cm (5 in x 6.5 in)

1 x medium size = 18 cm x 23 cm (7 in x 9 in)

1 x large size = 22 cm x 32 cm (9 in x 13 in)

And if you want some extra bags, remember you can also buy them separately!

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