Rosso di Robbia: A Career out of Natural Dyes

“Maple is my favourite leaf”

Michela Pasini’s is one of those cases in which the brand and the artist’s personality can’t be separated. They share the same values. So when speaking about Michela or Rosso di Robbia, we are talking about the same: passion for sustainable designs.

Rosso di Robbia is Michela’s natural dyeing workshop where she works with natural yarns and fabrics to create hand-made clothing, accessories and home textiles with the exclusive use of colours coming from plant extracts. Her brand generates a small production of yarn and eco-dyed and eco-printed fabrics through completely traditional and environmentally friendly methods which follow a short chain, favouring Italian production or recycling old fabrics.

But Michela’s interest is not just related to creation and production but also to research. And her research starts from the land: history, traditions, techniques, ancient knowledge concerning the cultivation, harvesting and the processing of dyeing plants. Actually, Rosso di Robbia’s objective is to recover the tradition of the place where she lives in Italy, where the practice of natural dyeing has been documented since ancient times.

Maple is her favourite leaf. Do you want to know why? Rosso di Robbia features on the Winter Special Issue of No Serial Number Magazine dedicated to eco printing.

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