Remarkably Reusable: easy, convenient, and fun ways to cut plastic use

Remarkably Reusable is the eco-friendly business created by Madisyn Stopani in North Carolina, United States, aiming at the reduction of plastic use. Once Madisyn realised what a problem plastic is fur our environment, she decided to start creating reusable mesh produce bags that would allow people to cut plastic use in easy, convenient and even fun ways. After she found out that most tea bags contain plastic, Madisyn, as an avid tea drinker, initiated her production of tea bags. She just kept thinking of her life, and the plastics she used and ways to refuse single use, and thus Remarkably Reusable was born.

It is the goal of her organisation to help as many people as possible to see the problems caused by the overuse of plastic goods, particularly single use disposable items.

Every product made by Remarkably Reusable is packaged in recyclable and/or biodegradable materials. From the shipping envelopes, which are made from recycled paper to the biodegradable packing tape, the environment is considered every step of the way. The main materials they employ is cotton and mesh, but they also use outer, lining, velcro and elastic bands.

Have a look at some of their amazing eco-friendly products!

  1. Reusable Bowl Covers

Reusable bowl covers are the perfect replacement to single use plastic wrap or aluminum foil, which pollute the environment. Made from 100% cotton with an elastic band and hand sewn in North Carolina, they fit perfectly over almost any bowl.. Perfect for potlucks, gatherings, and transporting food. Bowl covers provide coverage and protection for food while also showcasing your personality!

2. Set of 3 Reusable cloth Lunch Sandwish Bags

Every girl wants to be unique, original, and ahead of the curve. You or a girl you love will be just that with this set of reusable lunch bags in a bright teal pattern. Made from 100% cotton, with a Velcro strip, you’ll never want to use plastic bags again! This set, with one sandwich bag and two snack size bags is perfect for packing a healthy lunch, without worrying about BPA and other chemicals on your food. Being machine washable, they are even more convenient than plastic bags that rip and tear with minimal use.

The perfect way to teach your children about protecting the environment, reusable lunch bags provide an easy way for kids to understand waste, pollution, and and green living.

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