Rebecca Desnos: Designs with Care and Joy

“If you don’t enjoy the process, what’s the point?”

Photo credit Rebecca Desnos

Rebecca defines herself as a natural dyer, designer, maker and author. She is the kind of person who besides from being vegan, she also tries to avoid whenever possible any sort of toxic chemical in all the aspects of her life. Her journey with natural dyes began several years ago when she started experimenting with plant extracts and she fall in love with the rainbow of colours that nature offered. All her fibres are plant derived and she forages for plants to make dyes and also uses kitchen waste products. She dyes a range of accessories including scarves, bags, cushions and beaded necklaces.

Photo credit Rebecca Desnos

Experimentation is definitely at the heart of her work. Rebecca highlights that the results are not what interest her, but rather the processes of playing and discovering. Nowadays, avocado skins and stones are her all time favourite dye stuff! But besides being an explorer of materials and colours, Rebecca is a great “instagrammer”. She uploads amazing pictures of her designs and workshops on her account, which we hugely recommend to follow (@rebeccadesnos)!

Photo credit Rebecca Desnos

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