Special Collection: The Best of Year One’s Digital Issues

Special Collection: The Best of Year One’s Digital Issues

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Contents of this Special Collection:

Natural processes and contemporary aesthetics with Alice Fox: challenging commonplace ideas of sustainability in textile design

Reclaiming beach finds: the poetic journey of a British artist

Paper craft and recycling for an eco-sustainable form of art

Susanna Bauer: capturing nature in the smallest details

Dyeing patterns with spices and handcarved wooden stamp: continuity and design in a traditional community of dyers

From nature to nature: the textile art of India Flint

Connecting with the countryside: two days of plant identification and eco printing

Risonanze Lab: the ‘voice’ of an ancient craft finds a new form of expression

From tree surgeon to woodcrafter: the secret of a wooden spoon

These shoes are weaved for walking: a story about plant fibres and sustainable communities in Brazil A flamboyant style and a minimalist message: the fashion of Psychedelic Baglady

The community-engaged streetware label: how keeping it small-scale can be more rewarding than aiming big

Behind the scenes of slow fashion: interview with Andrew Morgan on the making of The True Cost

Emotional sustainability: the passionate philosophy of Ciclus Ecodesign Vaziopleno (emptyfull); beyond sustainability (‘The glass is always half full; one half is water, the other is air)

Eco printing on paper by Lizzie Godden

Bell cloche tutorial

How to make natural colours using seasonal ingredients: the colour red from beetroots and berries

An old pan, water, lots of onions and an expert teacher

Eco -friendly Ideas for the body, for the home, kits and supplies

Our magazines are printed in small batches at University of East London on recycled paper from 100% recycled fibres.

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