Stitches, Feathers and Natural Colours on Textile as a Metaphor of a Personal Journey Part Two

Guest Article by Roxanne Lasky

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I jotted down every thought that came across my mind. And before long, I was telling a story of migration. Migration of the dyes moving gracefully through the fabric, crossing grid lines and arriving in other spaces. I realized that this echoed the story of my recent migration from Connecticut to South Carolina and I immediately felt connected to the cloth in a whole new way. Each stitch was a step and each step gave birth to the next.

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I wanted to reflect the irregular texture of the journey, the dark spots along the way, and so began the seed stitches, hither, thither. I worked for days until I determined that the “sidebar” of rust-scorched linen was a series of moons – phases in the journey. These could not be glossed over with stitch-stinginess, but needed to announce the power of natural force on the movement, the unerring momentum that becomes the impetus toward a new place.

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In moments of indecisive direction, I polished edges with regular finishes, secured the backing and trimmed threads. I worked sequentially, completing one area before moving to the next. I questioned my intuitive use of feathers as random and disconnected from the whole. And then the story turned toward arrival. Seven individual thread-drawn sentinels bannering across the top.

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