Papoutsi Shoes: Unique designs, unique materials

Vegetable tanned leather shoes? Vegan shoes? You can’t believe it? But it is true! Papoutsi shoes is a dutch brand producing handmade shoes for kids and adults.

If you are wondering how would it feel to wear them, then we can tell that it feels like walking barefoot, but with the protection of a shoe. So you can definitely use them outdoors as shoes, or indoors as slippers while stimulating a healthy posture for free and natural movement.

All Papoutsi shoes are either vegetable tanned or faux leather and produced in the owner’s studio. They incorporate 100% cotton laces or elastic with nickel-free stopper and are presented in a luxury organic cotton pouch.

You still need to see it? We recommend you the following:

Papoutsi for kids

Besides avoiding waste products and being as natural as possible, this beautiful gentle rose Papoutis will fit perfectly for the little ones. Why? Because of the adjustable laces that make the shoe feel like a second skin. A really unique design!


Brave Lightblue Home

And what about this ones for the adults? Same philosophy as for the kids: natural, comfortable and safe. Give it a try!

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