Nido di Seta: Experiments with Silk

“Nido di Seta is a love story towards our land, our activity and our origins.”

Together, Giovanna, Miriam and Domenico, make a perfect combination of skills, interests and passions: Miriam says she does not want to live in places where you no longer see the sky; Giovanna approaches the world with a particular set of tools which includes a brush, colours, two hands and a lot of creativity and Domenico has lived a wide range of experiences, from agriculture, silk and mulberry growing, till photography.

They are the initiators of Nido di Seta, a group of young people of Calabria (Italy) working on the domains of the protection of the environment and landscape, local growth and sustainable development. Specifically, Nido di Seta operates as a cooperative that was set up with the intention of reviving the silk spinning tradition in Calabria today. And currently their productions ranges from textiles to jams and jewellery. They even provide silk trips!

Nido di Seta’s textile production reflects the antique artisan traditions of the area. The golden thread is worked on antique looms and all the products are made with raw silk which ensures their quality, uniqueness, and moreover its environmental sustainability. And they dye their fabric, shawls, blankets, napkins and runners using natural materials such as poppies, mulberries, the famous Tropea Onion, broom flowers and walnut husks.

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