Nicola Brown: Simple, Natural, Crafted

“I am able to create a body of work that appeal to me and my customers without losing the joy of felting or becoming a machine designed to just churn out products”

She works and lives surrounded by mountains, dry stone walls and beautiful small green fields in the rural town of Ballybrack, Co. Carlow. She loves walking through these landscapes, gathering leaves and hedgerow materials as she goes. She is an Irish textile artist: Nicola Brown.

Silk organza scarf and nuno felt, photo credit Nicola Brown

Nicola was introduced to textiles in 2007, but as a mature student she was determined to avoid the traditional art college route and decided to enrol in technique specific workshops and masterclasses with international professors and tutors. As a textile artist who cares about sustainability, Nicola experiments with eco-printing to impart colour directly from organic materials onto silk, wool and handmade felt.

Her natural context provides her with the leaves, seed pods and twigs that the artist uses as her raw materials to print a sophisticated collection of wearable art and interior accessories. Nicola’s passion for eco-printing also makes her move around the world: she dictates workshops in the US, Australia, Europe and Canada.

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