Nervous Wardrobe: alternative, minimalist, handmade linen designs

Nervous Wardrobe is a bespoke clothing line, tailored to fit every women. Tailoring to predetermined measurements is out of their values. Why? Because they recognise that women are all different, ordinary and extraordinary at the same time.

As the organisation states, their creative process includes every customer as a co-traveller in their handmade world. Every stitch is only made by two hands and using exclusively natural fabrics -mainly linen, silk, wool and cotton-. Autumn colours are Nervous Wardrobe’s favourites, so you’ll find plenty of earthy tones.

So if you are looking for handmade clothing, alternative eco friendly outfits, custom made plus or petite sizes and great designs, then have a look at their proposal. They even create wedding dresses! From the UK, to everywhere, with love.

We recommend the following:

Minimalist Fashion Kimono Wool Wrap Jacket

This is an outstanding wool wrap jacket with kimono sleeves and oversized shawl! Ties on the back or front. Hip length, asymmetrical hemline. 3/4 sleeve. Super stylish!

It is perfect as autumn jacket or winter layers jacket.

Handmade and available in different colours!

Linen Tunic/Blouse Raw Flower Back Ribbon

A perfect summer blouse! Beautiful linen blouse tunic in beige -and other different colours-. Handmade, sleeveless and very soft.

You can wear it with jeans, but it could also be a perfect unique top for any of your summer weddings!

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