Natural Dyeing, Ecoprinting and Experimenting with Shibori Techniques

Guest Article by Lizzie Godden

I’ve been running a class in Blakeney, in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, for a year now. The class is an adult education class, made up of people with a wide range of experience and confidence. Some have done some printing (lino cut, block printing), others have done some embroidery, and a couple have done some drawings and paintings. Most are keen to experiment and play although several people in the group are quite low in confidence.



We’ve really had fun playing. We’ve made natural dyes from, for example, onion skins, apple twigs, logwood, dandelions. We’ve experimented with a range of shibori techniques, used rusting items and tea bags to stain fabrics and paper, and done quite a lot of ecoprinting on both fabrics and paper.




We all got so excited by the results! The process itself is fun, and we love the elements of sort of knowing but not really knowing how our dyes and prints are going to turn out.

Some of us have stitched into our prints, some have made books, some have mounted some prints.





Lizzie Godden is a textile artist and tutor, based in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, teaching to a wide range of people, including children, adults with learning difficulties, the elderly, people with mental health problems, and people working towards exhibitions and selling.

Lizzie loves teaching! She teaches hand and machine embroidery, felt making, papermaking, applique, upcycling and more.

Lizzie believes that everyone can enjoy making individual and bespoke pieces. She loves the process of experimenting and creating and seeing how rewarding it can be for people.

Lizzie hasn’t still got a website but you can contact her via her email address


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