NAÏVE! UNIQUE: Inspiration and textile art from Oaxaca

NAÏVE! UNIQUE offers pieces of TEXTILE ART you can wear in your daily life to make it different, feeling in tune with nature. Created in Mexico, this contemporary designs are inspired by traditional textiles. Their materials and processes are all sustainable, natural and clean. But besides being careful for the materials employed, NAÏVE! UNIQUE also supports endangered textile arts and techniques, handmade in remote areas of Mexico. They collaborate with several indigenous communities to help keeping their prodigious crafts.

Nereida Bonfati, the initiator of the project was born in Spain and lived many years in England but currently she is living her big textile adventure, travelling and discovering mexican textiles and techniques in Oaxaca. Nereida believes in Slow Fashion, as opposed to industrial, slave work & pollution based fashion; she believes in chemicals free natural materials, and so she is researching and experimenting in textiles techniques and natural dyes, to support her creative processes. Inspired by local textile art, NAÏVE! UNIQUE is her own slow fashion line of clothes, accessories and textile art.

Nereida also wants to promote traditional textiles and materials from Oaxaca, México, one of the traditional craft paradises left in the world. She support textiles from some of the remotest indigenous communities, quite unknown by the mainstream tourists, and seeks to promote amazing traditional crafts related to textiles, some of them almost extinct and some others surprisingly alive thanks to a few energetic young craftswomen-men, dedicated and enthusiastic about their work.

Her profile really seems rich and interesting. Want to see what she offers? Just a tiny selection:

Beautiful unique wall hanging/cushion case

This mixed media embroidered piece of wall art is unique. Made to upcycle some little pieces of cotton woven on backstrap loom the artist had, one dyed in indigo, the other made of natural brown cotton. From there she started playing with shapes and colors, using different techniques (apliqué, embroidery), inspired by mexican textiles and nature, looking for a 3D effect. The stitching is made in cotton thread and wool yarn, the background is a thick white cotton, woven in a footloom that Nereida bought from an old weaver in the area where she lives, barrio de Xochimilco, Oaxaca city.

Handwoven in backstraploom dress tunic

This is a beautiful handwoven in backstrap loom dress tunic! Made from industrial cotton naturally dyed in mexican indigo (añil), and hand spun locally grown natural brown cotton in vertical stripes and brocade. This is an amazing one of a kind piece. Indigenous mixteco textile made by Marta Verónica from a remote mexican village in Coastal Oaxaca. A truly Mexican traditional design!

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