Maurizio Michelozzi and Ivano Ziggiotti: Precious colours, medieval miniatures

Passion, dedication and commitment. These might be the three essential characteristics if you want to work in the field of Maurizio Michelozzi and Ivano Ziggiotti. Together they produce a wide range of natural colours, precious colours, which differ from the ones created through chemical synthesis. But their knowledge on medieval art and colours, and its history, requires an extra dosage of curiosity.


Maurizio’s trainment as an art conservator of paper and parchment and his solid  experience in the study of graphic and painting techniques are key for the development of his research on artworks on paper and membranous materials in preparation for conservation. His interests complement with the ones of Ivano, a passionate about calligraphy and author of manuscripts, who has studied colours, materials and traditional techniques for producing illuminated books using antique medieval recipes.


Natural mineral colours, vegetable colours and artificial mineral colours are just some of the medieval recipes this duo goes through in relation to medieval artisanal recipes. So if you are interested in the production of natural colours and want to try very clear step by steps, or if you are keen on learning more on medieval art and artisanal traditions or if you are dedicated to conservation and restoration of artworks, you shouldn’t miss this beautiful article in the latest issue of No Serial Number Magazine. Go for it, pre-order your copy of the Spring Issue 2017 today (release date 23rd of March 2017)!

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