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Recently we had the pleasure to meet Astrid, the director of a non-profit initiative called Little Hands Design CIC. Little Hands Design CIC runs activities, such as after school sewing clubs and holiday classes to children who are 6 years old and above from a lovely studio in north London. In our ‘fast fashion’ society, the fact that children are being taught to make their own dresses, bags and accessories can really provide them with a new perspective to approach the way they shop in the future. Astrid and her team have built a great community of like-minded people who focus on providing their pupils with practical and problem solving skills. During our meeting, when we mentioned that we were working on promoting zero-waste crafts projects, Astrid’s eyes lightened up as we raised an issue that is very close to her heart. She said to us that at Little Hands Design CIC they do not waste anything, they recycle and reuse all their fabrics. We hope we’ll be able to work together on exciting projects with Astrid and her team in the near future.

Their story …

Little Hands Design CIC is a non-profit making Community Interest Company based in Belsize Park. We are a design mad team running a small fashion design and dressmaking school in NW3 since 2001. We run classes for children, teenagers and ADULTS from very young (6+yrs) to very wise (no limit!) teaching dressmaking, fashion, crafts and all things textiles. We are a group of fashion designers, dressmakers and a Design and Technology teacher.

Kids and teenagers come to us just for fun, after school, saturdays and holidays; to get support for their GCSE and A-level Art, Design and Textiles, to prepare for a creative career or to work towards their Duke of Edinburgh Awards. Adult students are looking for a relaxing hobby, some personal me- and social-time. Schools are impressed by our experimental approach and come to us for our inter-curricular projects from ‘Historic Costume Making’ to ‘Monster and Fairy’; ‘Science for Fashion’; ‘Recycling’ etc..

We are passionate about recycling, sustainability and teaching practical life skills and slow fashion!  Most of the materials we are working with here are remnants and sample fabrics from our kind patrons such as Ted Baker, Orlebar Brown to name a few, who are keen to reduce their waste and support education of the next generation of designers.

To find out more about us, please visit www.littlehandsdesign.com

What they can offer:

We have successfully crowdfunded money over the summer for our bursary scheme for disadvantaged kids and adults. We are now looking for prospective candidates to offer 50% towards the fees for our term time courses.  We are looking for kids on free school meals and parents on income support. Particularly we want to support teenagers who want to complete their Duke of Edinburgh Skills and then Volunteering Awards with us.


Every Saturday we have these fantastic drop-in workshops (to be booked directly through our website) I have added the links below!

http://littlehandsdesign.com/events/zipped-oyster-card-holder-hands-on-designer-workshop/    21st January 12-2pm

http://littlehandsdesign.com/events/mini-sports-bag-hands-on-designer-workshop/  28th January 12-2pm

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