Jane Jacobs: Seeing Potential Art Wherever You Walk

“No matter where in the world you go, there are plants indigenous to that area that make wonderful dye material”. 


Jane Jacobs is an explorer, a food lover, a person who is councious about the possibilites that nature offers. As a textile artist, her practice concentrates on creating unique textiles with handmade felt, silk and wool. As an habitant of Newmarket, just north of Ontario, Jane experiments with local plants, food waste, metals and minerals in order to discover natural dyes. And that is why her clothes, accesories and housewares have an incomparable story to tell.

Spring 2016

Besides creating and selling amazing garments, Jane loves to share her passion and knowledge with others and so she regularly facilitates workshops on felting, indigo and eco-printing in Canada.  She has solid knowledge on plants and on the relation of these with their geography. And the good news, for the ones living far from her city or country, is that her products are sold online, so anyone can wear her creations.

Want to know more about this one-of-a-kind artist? Jane features in No Serial Number Magazine Winter Special issue. Lovely words, explanations and inspiration from a passionate, eco-friendly textile artist. Don’t miss it!

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