Irit Dulman: Textiles with Soul

“That’s my secret. But I will show you.”

Finding images and information on Irit Dulman’s creations and workshops is a pretty easy job. A lot of this is online, and her amazing objects and garments are accesible to buy from platforms like Etsy. But who is Irit Dulman? Who is this artist that embraces eco-printing and has been creating outstanding fashion pieces?

Photography by Idan Levy

Irit was born and lives in Tel Aviv, Israel. Her studies and experiences have been always related to the realm of design and arts. But as many artists, there was a point in her career when she decided to leave everything… and traveled to India. This was the beginning of an exploration towards textiles, crafts and of course, her own self.

Irit originally came from a textile family from Poland but it was just after becoming a mother when she discovered the world of felting through wool dolls at her son’s kindergarten. Since then a whole journey of enquiry and experimentation evolved which led her to become an independent artist. Now Irit is a referent in eco-dyeing and eco-printing and shares her passion and knowledge worldwide through her workshops.

And it’s understandable the obsession that Irit’s creations produce in some people. Her pieces are unique not just because of her eco-friendly processes but because of the colours she reaches and the high quality terminations of her designs. Fancy knowing more about her and her collections? Irit Dulman is specially featured in No Serial Number Magazine Winter issue. Go for it!

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