Etsy Holiday Gift Guide: my favourite handmade toys

Etsy Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again, Christmas is around the corner! I have a 3 year old daughter and a bunch of other children to buy for this year. But whilst most people are running around the shops trying to find the latest must-have toy before it sells out, I’m sitting at home on Etsy looking for equally fun, but also handmade and eco-friendly gifts for under my tree.

Fun and learning toys

Colour sorting bowls: Autumn/fall wooden sorting acorns and bowls by Hidden Panda Studio

Hidden Panda Studio combines learning with fun, using sustainably sourced wood, natural soy paint and a homemade sealant (made from olive oil and beeswax) to create an acorn sorting game.

Colour sorting bowls

Wooden Leaf Puzzle by Woodthinks

With 6 different types of leaves finished in non-toxic dyes, Woodthinks really brings the environment to the forefront with its wooden leaf puzzle.

Wooden Leaf Puzzle by Woodthinks


Wooden Toys Collection, 20 items by TreasureToys

TreasureToys has created a sensory rich all wooden toy set containing a vast variety of items.

Wooden Toys Collection,
“Just for fun” Toys:

Wooden toy cat – Kitty Lucy by GreenMadeUK

Made from 100% solid oak and using non toxic paint and pure Tung Oil to finish, Kitty Lucy is perfect for any little one aged 2.5 and up.

Wooden toy cat

Handmade wooden house with Witch, Hansel and Gretel Waldorf dolls by Margaritkadolls

This house made from pinewood and dolls made from and stuffed with 100% natural sheep wool are very durable for your little ones to play with.

Handmade wooden house

Wooden farm toy animal set by TheWoodPeckerFactory

With 14 different farm animals this set is made from all natural wood from Romania and finished with non-toxic paint and natural twine.

Wooden farm toy animal set

Knight on Horseback Wooden Waldorf Toy by VentryStory

You can request for this all wooden Knight on Horseback to be any colour you wish for a personal touch.

Knight on Horseback

Bedtime Box, Suitcase Doll by mooncatdreamdesigns

Cloud is the name of this beautifully made Waldorf inspired doll. She’s made from doll makers cotton interlock jersey and stuffed with clean sheep’s wool with all handmade clothing.

Bedtime Box

Pocket Cloth Rag Doll Merma

Earthslings creates these beautiful rag doll mermaids that are made from linen and filled with sustainable corn, which means they are not only vegan friendly but are also suitable for new-borns.

Pocket Cloth Rag Doll Mermaid

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