Happytasja: new bags from wasted clothes

Natasja Fakkeldij was born in the Netherlands but she currently lives, works and cycles in beautiful Ireland. She grew up in a small village called Nisse where she had a neighbour who was a tailor, and who – without knowing – inspired Natasja and impulsed her love for textiles.

But Natasja’s passion for textile is not just related to craftsmanship but to recycling. From a jacket’s pocket, a piece of a skirt, a print of a t-shirt, an old woollen jumper or a vintage tea towel she can create an amazing bag or scarf.

You don’t believe it? Have a look!

Cheerful tote bag made from upcycled materials with a print of pineapples. Suitable for vegans.

Believe it or not this sunny handmade tote bag is made of upcycled material! And it’s also suitable for vegans since no leather or other material coming from animals was used.

Ideal for your daily adventures of for your next holidays!

Big messenger bag from recycled jackets, vintage ribbon and inner tube of the bicycle with valve

Yes! Beautiful bags can be made from upcycled materials. This big messenger bag was produced using woolen recycled jackets in red and brown colours, vintage ribbon and an inner tube of a bicycle with valve. The shoulder strap is made of a silk tie and a woolen skirt. We love it!

Natasja has also written a step-by-step article on how to make a messenger bag from upcycled materials for the Spring Issue 2017, soon available online!

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