Flora Fibres Yarn: Amazingly vegan!

Flora Fibres Yarn shop specialises in vegan hand spun yarns, which are created from natural plant fibres and are all 100% animal free. All of their products are suitable for vegans, those with allergies to wool, and highly recommended to anyone looking to try something a little different in their crafting!

Flora Fibres yarns are spun by hand by the sea in Fife, Scotland, and then dyed using natural dyes obtained from plants. As much as possible the dye plants used are those locally available, so when you buy them a product you are actually connected to the Scottish countryside!

The idea for Flora Fibres Yarn started after a slightly disappointing visit that Catriona Stevenson, the initiator of the project, did to a yarn festival, where nearly everything available was wool based. As a vegan, she was keen to see some more hand spun, hand dyed yarns on the market that make use of all the incredible plant fibres available today. So she decided to go ahead and create the yarns herself. She taught herself how to spin, and all about natural dyeing, and thus Flora Fibres Yarn was born.

So you are wondering what materials they use? They make their products from bamboo, soybean, seacell and rose (a new cellulose fibre which is produced from the stems of rose bushes)

Curious about their products? We recommend you the following ones:

Unique handmade art yarn necklace

Looking for the perfect gift for the yarn crafter in your life? Then this gorgeous, unique, art yarn necklace is for you!

Hand spun from soybean (soy silk) yarn, with a core of cotton thread, the gorgeous colour was produced naturally with dye extracted from Berberis Darwinii berries. The yarn used to create this unique piece is deliciously silky and soft against the skin, with an incredible eye-catching lustre, making this a necklace you will love to wear. The fibres are also very eco-friendly so this really is jewellery to feel good about!

Hand spun naturally dyed vegan seacell

This pretty yarn is perfect for knitting, crochet and weaving. Spun from seacell, the yarn is incredibly soft and silky to touch, with a remarkable lustre. Any garment made from it will have a wonderful drape, and will feel light and airy against the skin. Perfect for summery creations!

Its green yellow comes from the skins of pomegranates, and the pale pink from avocado stones. Dip dyed half the skein at a time, when used it will produce one yard of pink, followed by one yard of yellow, then back to pink, etc.

Seacell is a relatively new fibre. It is lyocell based, and enriched with seaweed near the end of the production process. It makes beautiful yarns which are a delight to work with. If it is a fibre you should try if you haven’t yet!

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