Ffelt Abertawe: Knowing the sheep, the farmer, and feeling fulfilment

“Behind each and every item there is a story” 

Everytime someone buys an item from Ffelt Abertawe, he/she receives not just a unique and handmade design, but most importantly the guarantee that small farmers are paid fair prices, that animals are not suffering and that ancient native sheep breeds of Britain are being cared for.

Photography by Luana Calabrò
Model Naina Bajaria

Ffelt Abertawe is a social enterprise based in Loughor, Swansea. They design and produce fashionable outwear, accessories and household items that are locally made from natural fibres. The finest sheep fleeces from WELSH and RARE British breeds (sourced within South Wales area) are hand-picked, processed by hand (scouring, carding, de-hairing, dyeing) and turned into… everything: from unique hats, scarves, handbags, cases & pouches, to shoes, coats, skirts, baby blankets, bridal accessories, rugs, vessels and more. Yes, Ffelt Abertawe manages a wide range collection!

The initiator of the project has a passion for wool and that is why her brand has been partnering with the “Campaing for Wool” (Patron: HRH The Prince of Wales) and Rare Breeds Survival Trust. Her ultimate goal is to share that passion with the wide public and to support small local farmers of South Wales region.

The Winter issue of No Serial Number Magazine shows Ffelt Abertawe’s collection, emphasising on the story behind each design and examining the techniques, different materials and coming projects for this amazing social enterprise. Go get your copy!

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