Beautiful fantasy eco-house in the middle of the woods

Have you ever wished decorating your home or even summer house, in a fantasy style from your favorite movies. Well Simon Dale from Wales has built “A Hobbit House” for his family in the middle of the woods. Beside the unique style, his interest was also to keep the environment, making it a perfect example of an Eco-house. This one of nicest and warmest of homes that one can imagine and it costs as little as 3000 pounds.

Can you even imagine the beautiful entrance that this house has? Simon gives us two reasons for building such a facility. First is doing what the heart wants.

“It’s fun. It is great to live your life, the way you wanted. As long as we follow our dreams, it keeps our soul alive.” – says Simon.

The other reason is keeping the environment, in which he adds:

“Our resources are decreasing and our planet is going towards an Eco-disaster”

Simon is also a very talented photographer, seeing from the photos he took.

The tools he used are quite simple. From modern technology tools he only used a chainsaw, to cut around 30 small trees. Not one forest tree was taken down for the purposes of this construction. Simon focused on the tools, that are operated by his energy, such as shovel, hammer and litharge. He build this captivating house in around 4 months.

The house it self is built from wood, stone, straw and it has a ground roof. It’s heated by a fireplace and there are solar panels as well. Most of the materials used are reconditioned units.

What’s interesting is that, Simon doesn’t have the necessary practice or experience to build a house. He’s not an architect, an engineer or ever a carpenter.

“It’s very fun to be your own architect, because it allows you to create and enjoy in what you love, in what is a part of you and part of the earth, and not a box of mass production, intended for maximum profit and practicality in construction.” – says Simon.

Building from natural materials, does not bring profit for the manufacturer and does not include various toxic substances, which many of the modern buildings contain.

In reality it’s hard to find a land to build such a structure. In this Eco-house there is a toilet as well, straw is used through the plastic layer for isolation and the fridge is cooling with the help of the air flowing under the foundations of the house. The cement is a major emitter of carbon, so the inner walls have a lime mortar as a final layer, instead of cement.

This house practically has everything that a modern family needs. It’s build from the nature, but it’s not isolated from civilization. Modern supplies for a healthier life style such as green mattress, pillows which are eco – friendly, organic curtains or similar can only complement the ambiance. The bottom line is, that is as comfortable as any home can be. Hopefully this can become a trend in modern house building.

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