Erica Vaccari: An entrepreneur within the world of plants

Erica Vaccari is the creator of Travel Floral, a boutique travel agency specializing in the creation of trips for small groups interested in discovering gardens  and natural areas of great beauty. The trips mainly take place in England, though every year Erica proposes a new European destination.

Her interest in the combination of tourism and gardens is complemented by another passion: flowers. Besides running Travel Floral, Erica also initiated Women of Flowers, which offers workshops on sustainable floral arrangements. These “laboratories” often take place at the homes of other Women of Flowers who are keen on opening their own doors to share all the happiness and harmony that their garden brings to them.

For the past 3 years Erica has been experimenting with all sorts of wild and garden plants to make local, seasonal and sustainable flower arrangements. An interesting personality and entrepreneur that you shouldn’t miss, as you shouldn’t miss the lovely step by step guide that she includes in the Spring issue of No Serial Number Magazine to making your own autumn rose. Go get the persimmon and mulberry leaves, Erica will teach you the rest!

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