Elisa Latini: “Art is all the skills the hands learn”

If you listen to Elisa talking about her work, you’ll hear poetry. Words such as “contemplation”, “exploration”, “learning”, “intuition” and “nature” give meaning to her practice, which is mainly based on eco printing. She is an Italian artist who has embraced a profoundly meditative, productive and ever evolving cycle of paintings from trees and the arboreal world in general.

What attracted her to eco printing was the joy and love she felt while familiarising with the technique. The process of understanding how it works while communicating with different trees and plants was irresistible to her. “The arboreal world received me with great generosity” she says. Now she has been portraying real trees for twelve years. Eco printing allows her to print the shapes of vegetation directly onto paper or fabric and then to go over the shapes, making marks and using natural pigments.

A real expert in eco-dyeing and a passionate about the arboreal world, Elisa Latini shares her experience and journey in the latest issue of No Serial Number Magazine, Spring Issue 2017. A great opportunity to get to know an artist who lives her work as poetry. Don’t you have your copy of No Serial Number? Get it now!

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