Ekolubi: Eco-friendly jewellery

Ekolubi offers fabric necklaces, bracelets, decoration and other nice follies all made of recycled and upcycled materials. Its creator, Corine Villeneuve, is a graphic designer who enjoys working with crafts and transforming materials that would be otherwise thrown away. Reinventing the uses of different objects in order to reduce our ecological footprint is then one of Corine hobbies.

Years ago she started her own company dedicated mainly to light necklaces. These are stretchable, soft, eco-friendly and even washable! Have a look at our favourite ones:

Fabric necklace – Red with little white dots and small bow

If you want to stand out, you don’t need diamonds, this original and unique fabric necklace is colorful, casual and even lightweight.

What is interesting of this product is that it’s a great fashion accessory for a new mom, since it is completely washable and safe for baby! Extensible and lightweight, it will be gentle with your neck, even if your baby is not with your necklace.

Created in Quebec and made of 100% of recycled materials, this is also an hypoallergenic jewelry.

Fabric bracelet – Black, lime green and grey

Another example of how simple designs can make a difference in your everyday look! This lovely bracelet will give you colour and energy, while being at the same time an eco-friendly product.

This handmade jewellery is definitely a great option for a gift to your good friends or relatives!

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