The #EcoPrintSurvey: What, When, How, Why.

Fact from 153 respondents

How did you first come across eco printing and how did you learn to eco print? What mordants do you use? Do you use plastics when eco printing? If not, what alternatives to plastics do you use? These are only some of the questions that 153 eco printers responded to as part of the #EcoPrintSurvey that No Serial Number Magazine has developed.

Several months ago artist Fatima Canelas Pais offered a step-by-step tutorial on the eco printing technique which was posted on this blog. The article included clear plastic as one of the materials needed for eco printing and this generated an enriching discussion as regards the use of plastic in eco-printing techniques. A group of eco-printers, including the renown India Flint show their concern on the matter but others supported the use of plastic. The debate encouraged No Serial Number Magazine to create a survey that would embrace this topic, trying to get a better and deeper understanding of the techniques used by eco-printers around the world.

The 153 respondents helped to reflect on the current ways in which eco printing is being done and contributed to question the actual sustainability of the different techniques. Did you know for example that 55% of eco-printers use plastic during their eco printing process? If you want to know why and what other facts the collated figures show, then you shouldn’t miss the Winter issue of No Serial Number Magazine. Highly recommended for worldwide eco printing passionates!

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  1. How can it be Eco printing – the term implies ecologically sustainable practice – when people are using plastic, metallic salt mordants and harvesting masses of leaves and posting them across continents?

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